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The Christening or baptising of your baby is an important milestone in both yours and your baby's lives. Not only is it an official admission into your religion, it is also a chance for your friends and family to gather and welcome the new child into their lives.

After the church ceremony, you will probably want to continue the celebrations with a christening reception at a party venue, or at your own home. This is your chance to catch up with friends and family, pass your bundle of joy around and of course enjoy a bite to eat and a slice of cake. You can order all kinds of christening cakes from professional cake makers. Whether you're after christening cupcakes, a novelty christening cake, a personalised photo cake, or a beautiful tiered cake with date or name inscriptions, a professional cake maker should be able to fulfil your brief.

What is a christening/baptism?

The baptism ceremony welcomes a person - whether baby, child or adult, into a religion. Christenings are baptism ceremonies specifically for baby Christians. During a christening, a child will be officially given a Christian name (i.e. first name) and sprinkled with holy water to confirm their place within the Church.

Baptism cake traditions

While cake may not be a fundamental or traditional part of the baptism ritual, it is certainly an enjoyable part of the after-party celebrations. After the christening or baptism feast, a cake is usually brought out and cut for all the guests. This ritual brings everyone together and celebrates the baby's christening as well as the new godparents.

In Italy, it is customary for the top tier of the couple's wedding cake to be eaten at their first child's baptism. Christening cakes are traditionally fruit cakes covered in thick marzipan icing and decorated with sugar craft flowers or religious motifs. These days, christening cakes can come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Often it is entirely up to the parents to choose what they would like. The drawback of choosing more popular flavours such as vanilla sponge and chocolate, is that these will not keep for very long, while fruitcakes can often last for years.

Christening cake ideas

If you want to mark a special occasion with a very special cake made by a professional, you might want a bit of inspiration when it comes to ideas. There are so many christening themes to choose from. Just because baptism is a religious ceremony, this does not mean your cake has to be traditional or themed on religious motifs. This is a celebration of your child and a chance for you to welcome them not just into your religion, but into the heart of your family. 

Gendered christening cakes

If you want to show the world in cake form what gender your baby is, you can opt for a gendered christening cake. How about pink flowers and hearts for a girl? Or baby blue sailing boats and red sports cars for a boy? Here are some gendered christening cake ideas:

Christening cakes for boys

  • trains
  • cars
  • boats
  • blue teddy bears
  • blue elephants
  • aeroplanes
  • blue baby shoes.

Christening cakes for girls

  • flowers
  • hearts
  • butterflies
  • pink animals
  • fairies
  • pink teddy bear
  • pink baby shoes.

Other christening cake ideas

Not all parents like the idea of a gendered christening cake - some prefer to keep it neutral. Here are some christening cake ideas suitable for both baby boys and girls:

  • Baby motifs - Hearts, flowers, storks, baby animals, gift boxes, ribbons, dummies, tiny shoes, rubber ducks, other toys, baby feet and baby prams.
  • Religious motifs - Crosses, Noah’s ark, stained glass windows, Bible, angels.
  • Personalised - Baby's name, edible photo, date of birth.
  • Pastel colours - Pale, pastel colours represent new life and youth.
  • Novelty cakes  - Novelty cakes shaped as babies, baby boots and other baby-related motifs are very popular at christenings.

Christening cake toppers

If you're strapped for cash or you're trying to keep the christening celebrations as low key as possible, a great solution is to make and ice your cake yourself, but commission a professional cake topper maker to design and create a bespoke cake topper to add a personal and lasting touch to your cake. Cake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. You could have a realistic model baby sleeping on top of your cake, or you could simply have your baby's name in pink polka dot letters. Whatever you can imagine, your cake topper maker will try to recreate it.

Christening cupcakes

Cupcakes are the 'must-have' treat at any celebration at the moment. Think swirly icing, sugarcraft decorations, patterned cupcake cases, tiered cupcake stands and themed cupcake toppers. Choose christening cupcakes if...

  • You have a lot of guests and you don't want to spend the whole time cutting slices of cake for everyone.
  • You want each guest to have something special to take away with them.
  • You can't choose one theme or colour scheme - each cupcake can be different.
  • You don't have room to store one big cake - cupcakes can be transported in multiple containers.
  • It is a stand-up occasion - if you're only providing canapes and nibbles rather than a sit-down dinner then the cake will need to be eaten standing up. Cupcakes are more practical than wedges of cake, as guests can use the cupcake case to catch crumbs!

Christening cupcake toppers

Personalise your christening cupcakes with christening cupcake toppers. Non-edible cupcake toppers can be kept by each guest as a memento of the occasion, while sugar craft toppers make for a yummy novelty treat. If you have just a few of your closest friends and family, you could even commission your cake topper maker to design a bespoke topper for each guest. 

Baptism cakes for older children and adults

Anybody of any age can be baptised if they meet the church's requirements. If you want to mark yours or your loved-one's post-baptism celebrations with a baptism cake, you probably won't be interested in the baby motif cakes we've been discussing. Here are some ideas for grown up baptism cakes:

  • Traditional white iced cake decorated with sugar craft flowers.
  • Cake shaped as the Holy Bible.
  • Cake decorated with, or shaped as a crucifix.
  • Angel motifs.
  • Stained glass window designs.
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